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Packages of pretty

Now that I’m a graphic design student, I find myself paying more attention to fonts, branding, and the packaging around me.  It’s a switch I can’t turn off… Sorta like when you first learn to drive and automatically find yourself more aware of cars, pedestrians, traffic lights, etc.

Here’s just some pretty packaging that caught my eye on a Sunday evening perusal of Pinterest.  I cannot wait till I can make pretty like this!

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Holly Farrell

I happened upon Holly Farrell‘s work a few weeks ago on Pinterest and immediately fell in love.  At first I thought she was a photographer and thought these were amazing photographs, but then I realized these were actually paintings and not photographs.  Even more amazing.

Holly is a self-taught portrait and still life artist from Toronto who focuses on painting old, mundane objects and collections.  I love the way she keeps things simple.  Nothin’ fancy, just clean and refreshing.

“I like to paint things that are part of our everyday experience; common, utilitarian things like chairs, bowls, books, slippers, soap.  These subjects are typically set up in sparse surroundings, against a wall or on a surface.  I like to keep the subject isolated… I like the wear and tear, cracks, crazing and ground-in dirt that tells the life of the subject.” (Frankie Magazine, September/October 2009).


Look at the bright side

These two images showed up on my Pinterest feed right next to each other.  Which is sorta funny, because they seem to go together so well for whatever reason.  Lovin’ the bright colors and positivity for a little early-in-the-week inspiration.

Look at the bright side!  It’s Tuesday night which is almost hump day (or maybe it’s already hump day in your corner of the world), which, in my books friends, begins the countdown to the weekend!

image oneimage two.


Feeling Foxy

Not that kind of foxy.  Get your minds outta the gutter, will ya?

I’ve got a thing for foxes.  I’ve got a thing for most animals, actually.  But I’ve really got a thing for foxes.  And owls.  And elephants.  And giraffes.  But today we’re going to talk about my obsession with foxes.  And goodness me Pinterest most certainly does not help.  I came across two Pinterest boards (here and here) today entirely devoted to foxes.  I’m smitten.  Oh and those fox socks and that fox sweater are totally calling my name.  Just sayin’.

images: one, two, three, four, five; baby fox print by sharon montrose

graphics/layout by amy moore for drifter & the gypsy


Porcelain toast

I don’t know about you, but to me, toast is pretty much the best invention in the world.  I would say it’s better than sliced bread, but since it actually IS sliced bread… well… you know…

I had some toast with fresh made strawberry jam today.  It was pretty fabulous to say the least.

And just when I didn’t think toast could get any better, I stumbled upon this…

minale-maeda, found via another magazine

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