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Silhouettes is a hand lettering series by graphic designer Hannah Reynolds. I love how the letters are somewhat hard to read so it requires more concentration to focus on the quote; I tend to skim things really fast, so this forces me to slow down and let the words sink in.


A few of my favorite gal pals (Editor-in-chief Roxanne Fequiere, creative director Allison O’Shea and their team of creatives) are working on a magazine called Golly. Pretttyyy much the magazine had me at its awesome logo* (hey, I AM a graphic designer after all!), but it’s much more than that. It’s a quirky/whimsical/minimalistic/colorful/color-blocked magazine that celebrates a new approach to the modern magazine world. And dang the girls behind the mag really know how to style a spread! I love that they’re not over-the-top highly polished with the styling; it’s a bit rough around the edges & unfinished, but in the best way possible. It’s real.

They released Golly Magazine’s first issue this past summer, but they now have a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to continue on (and with only a few more days to go, they’re almost at their goal!). Check it out & contribute if the spirit moves you to do so!

photos courtesy of golly magazine

*logo designed by Reptiles and Rainbows

Patisserie Lolita

Maybe I’m crazy, but in another life, I think it would be cool to own a restaurant. If I had my own restaurant, it would most definitely look like this one. Lolita is a dessert restaurant and cafe located in Ljubljanica, Slovenia.

Lolita occupies the former warehouse in the central historic palace of the city. It was the project of architectural firm Trije Arhitekti. The concept was to marry traditional luxurious roots with modern conveniences. That mural on the ceiling is incredible! And I love the floor-to-ceiling windows (I love any floor-to-ceiling windows, really).

photos by miran kambič via arch daily

Notes to self

I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist and for that reason, I am extremely hard on myself. I can easily – and often do – spend hours and hours and HOURS on blog posts. Then I go to sleep and do the same thing the next day. The words “It’s good enough” are not in my vocabulary. I think most creative people can relate? These past few weeks were especially stressful and busy and I know I need to cut myself a break sometimes. Coincidentally, I found The Motivated Type on Etsy the other day. The shop has tons of little reminders I need to tell myself more often.

This describes me all too well…

Holly A. Senn

I came across Holly A. Senn‘s work while doing research paper on Installation Art for my Art History class. Usually the stuff I have to write about for my classes doesn’t relate much to this blog, but I was happy I came across something I could finally share on here too! My favorite installation of hers is Tale, which was displayed at 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland. The picture above is from an installation called Enchanted Forest of the Mind. Seriously best name ever.

Holly Senn is a sculpture and installation artist living in Tacoma, Washington. All of her works are created from discarded library books, so she explores the lifecycle of ideas and how they are generated, dispersed, referenced or forgotten.

As a lover of books, I feel bad for the old library books that had to suffer in the process, but the installations are absolutely beautiful, so it’s for a good cause.

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